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September Mom Fails

As moms, we’re often ashamed of when we fail and embarrassed to share our mistakes with anyone. I get it. Trust me, I hate for anyone to know of the times where I felt I was a bad mom. But I also really appreciate when other moms share their stories of failure. It’s comforting and makes me feel as if I’m not alone. And hey, if we aren’t worried about making mistakes, then we’re probably doing this whole parenting thing wrong. So, here I am, sharing – and embracing – some of my September mom fails!

  • When preparing to leave the house, I usually put Lucy in her carseat without tightening the straps right away. I wait until the last minute because she stirs around and gets fussy when I tighten them. Well, there may have been a time – or two – where I forgot to tighten them before driving off.
  • I went to trim Lucy’s crazy, long nails for the first time. I started with the thumb – success! I moved onto the pinky – fail! I cut her and she burst into tears and screams for a solid 5 minutes. There was blood, sweat and tears. I felt terrible.
  • Basically ever since Lucy was born, she’s had to been on a multi-vitamin. We’re supposed to give it to her every morning in her bottle. I have forgotten to give this vitamin to her far more than once this month.
  • I’ve found dog hairs on the nipples of the bottle while in Lucy’s mouth multiple times. I always pick it off when I see it, but parents with dogs – how the heck do you keep dog hair off your babies!?

Some other fails we’ve had since becoming parents:

  • The first night Lucy was home, we made up her bottles wrong and we were basically starving her – okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. We read the directions wrong and used the WRONG scoop. The scoop we were supposed to be using was much bigger. Lucy was up until the wee-hours of the night crying hysterically. We were freaking out to say the least. She never really had been all that fussy in the NICU and she was being fed, changed, burped, etc. We FINALLY figured it out and literally felt like the worst and most idiotic parents ever. Thank God we figured it out within a few hours.
  • I had been putting butt cream on Lucy after every single diaper change. That’s just what they did while she was in the NICU, so I stuck with it. Well, after asking around, I figured it really wasn’t necessary unless her butt was getting sore. So, I stopped. But apparently I didn’t know what a sore butt looked like. A few days later, I was at my parents and my mom was changing her and informed me that her butt was REALLY red and Lucy was crying in pain during the whole diaper change. I now put butt cream on her after every single poo.

No judgement here, please! We’re all human and we all make mistakes. In the moment it may make you feel awful and like you suck at this whole parenting thing, but later on you may laugh about it. That’s all I’m trying to do! Look back, have a chuckle at myself and learn from it.