Lucy is 6 Months Old!

Lucy Bea turned 6 months old (aka a HALF YEAR OLD – omg!) yesterday! We’ve had such a magical month getting to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three. And due to a dreadful cold, we were able to ring in the New Year all together as we rocked an awoken and fussy Lucy back to sleep. Though she’s been sick, she’s still been in good spirits.

This month I’ve really enjoyed watching her get to spend time with family and love, love, love how she smiles almost instantly when someone interacts with her. She adores people…and attention! 😉

If you remember last month’s update, then you’ll know that Lucy was having some trouble with constipation and fighting her feeds. We did end up going to the doctor after she had a bloody stool. We’ve ended up changing her formula twice, giving her pear juice and a probiotic daily, keeping her on Zantac and often needing to give her milk of magnesia. I know, it’s a lot. And she’s still not fully better, which means Austin and I aren’t satisfied either. We want more answers as to what is going on with her and what we can to do help her. Her next doctor’s appointment is next week, so hopefully we can get some more answers then. I do think transitioning her to solid foods will help, but she still hasn’t shown much interest in them. I’m thinking she may be a good fit for baby led weaning, so we might give that a try in the near future. More updates soon!

Alright, let’s get into the fun part…

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Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas when you have a little one instantly makes things more magical. And I know next year will be even better! We had such a special time this holiday season and we decided to pick up the camera and vlog as much of it as we could. From looking at lights to unwrapping on Christmas morning, we hope you enjoy getting a peek into our best Christmas yet as we celebrate Lucy’s first Christmas!

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Lucy’s Christmas List

I know I’m a little late to the game, but life has been busy. I finally finished deciding what’s on Lucy’s Christmas list. Trying to figure out what an almost 6 month old wants and needs isn’t all that easy. So, I thought it might be helpful to share with other mamas who are trying to shop for their little one this Christmas.

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Lucy is 5 Months Old!

Lucy turned 5 months old on Friday! If you can’t tell from the above photo, we’ve had a rough month. We believe Lucy’s had issues with constipation and her tummy hurting almost since day 1. But we never really started noticing until around 1-2 months. We’ve been trying many different solutions, but still haven’t found one that’s working well for her. We’ll likely be making another doctor’s visit in our near future.

Even though it’s been such a difficult month for us all, we’re still smiling and laughing between all the tears. I couldn’t be happier to be this little one’s mom.

And 5 month!? All I can think about is how she’ll be a HALF YEAR old next month. Wow.

It’s been a big month, so get ready to read lots of updates!

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Our Favorite Christmas Gift

I was 8 weeks pregnant with Lucy last Christmas and it made for our best Christmas yet. This year, Lucy is here earthside and full of spunk and so much personality. She’ll be our favorite gift this Christmas and for many more to come. 🙂

To see our first memories of decorating the tree together, check out our vlog here.

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