7 Interesting Facts Behind Lucy’s Name

The other day I spent a solid 45 minutes writing up a whole story on why we chose the name we did for Lucy. Afterwards, I thought, this is probably such a boring story. Soo, I thought sharing 7 interesting facts/reasons behind choosing Lucy’s name would be much more fun.

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A Short + Sweet Newborn Photo Shoot with Lucy

Recently I attempted to take Lucy’s newborn photos. Only problem is, yes she may be tiny, but she’s almost a month old and no longer that sweet and sleepy newborn. She looovves to wiggle! So, as you can imagine, this was no easy task. But I’m glad I attempted and managed to get a handful of adorable shots. Even if they turned out more candid than posed, she’s still the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. That may be my biased opinion. You can decide for yourself!

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Welcome Lucy Beatrice!

On July 1st, 2017 at 7:56pm, our Lucy Beatrice Cranmer arrived into this world at 5lbs15oz and 18 inches long, changing our lives forever.

As you probably remember from my post a couple weeks ago, my water fully ruptured at 33 weeks on Father’s Day. When we arrived to the hospital I was checked visually by the midwife, but she didn’t see any dilation and it appeared that my cervix was still thick. So the plan was to keep me on strict bed rest at the hospital until Lucy decided to arrive on her own or I would be induced before 36 weeks. For almost 2 whole weeks, Lucy stayed put.

During that time I received 5 IVs, 8 blood draws and 2 steroid shots in the butt. I may have tattoos, but ehhh I hate needles!! All worth it though for our Lucy girl. I had days where I felt good and just excited to meet her and other days where I would uncontrollably cry and feel absolutely helpless.

I finally had some relief 11 days later when we scheduled an induction date for July 6th. It was good to know we made it to nearly 35 weeks and there was finally an end in site. And by July 6th, she would be almost 36 weeks, which my doctor and I were happy with.

Not even a full 2 days later and Lucy decided she had her own plans. Not surprised! She’s always had to do things on her own schedule and in her own way. On Saturday, July 1st around 3am, I began feeling contractions. Not painful but definitely uncomfortable and about 4 minutes apart. I tried to sleep through them because I had felt these tightening contractions before and eventually they would go away. Austin got up to leave for work at 5am and I decided I would call the nurse in to put me on the monitor just to see how consistent the contractions were.

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Our Baby BBQ

A couple Saturdays ago, actually exactly one day before my water broke and all this craziness went down (you can read more on that here), Austin and I celebrated Lucy with so many of our friends and family. My mom and sister put together a beautiful yet fun and bright Baby BBQ where keepsake blocks were decorated, hamburgers were eaten and wishes for baby were made. Minus the unexpected June humidity, it was a perfect day!

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