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Lucy is 2 Months Old!

And just like that, Lucy is 2 months old! She’s constantly growing and looking older, but I’ve especially noticed it during the last couple weeks. Her legs are getting chunkier and she’s getting much, much longer! Here’s some fun photos and updates on our sweet girl.

Lucy loves:

  • Blowing spit bubbles.
  • Her swing that Grandma Brown recently bought her.
  • Being carried in the Solly wrap.
  • Lullabies and classical music.
  • Being swaddled tight.
  • Getting her diaper changed.


  • She is somewhat on a schedule. Staying awake most of the morning and afternoon and often sleeping for 6 hour stretches at night.
  • She is officially out of Newborn sizes and into her 0-3 month clothing.
  • She is noticeably recognizing her Mama and Dada’s voices. She’ll often smile when either of us talk to her.
  • I think she’s starting to laugh. Not quite that adorable baby belly laugh, but she makes little sounds that sound like laughter when we’re playing with her or sometimes after she eats.