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Lucy is 8 Months Old!

Lucy turned 8 months old last Thursday! She’s really grown up this past month. I feel like every time I blink my eyes she feels more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby. Though a piece of my heart often thinks of and misses my wee little baby, I love watching her grow. She’s turning into such a funny, smart and cool gal.

If you missed last month’s update, you can catch up here.

Lucy loves :

  • Rolling from place to place and occasionally scooting.
  • Grabbing her toes and kicking her feet (as you can probably tell from the photos).
  • Fake laughing, especially after we tell a bad joke.
  • Pumpkin. She’s so basic!
  • Her banana teething toy.
  • Eating puffs.
  • Splashing around during bath time.
  • Playing the game, “I’m gonna getchu,” followed by tickles.

Milestons :

  • We’ll start with the most exciting – she said her first word! Mama! And she can’t stop saying it and it melts my heart every single time.
  • We moved on from baby led weaning and went back to purees. She’s now eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some table foods and snacks like puffs.
  • We went through a big sleep regression towards the beginning of this month, but I think she’s out of it. When she was going through it, we decided it was time to really nail down our bedtime routine. I think that has helped tremendously.
  • Speaking of sleep regression, we attempted sleep training and the cry it out method. She ended up getting her leg stuck in the crib spindle and when I went to adjust her, I found her laying face down in vomit. It was all in her eye! I felt absolutely terrible that I let her get so upset to make herself sick. Let’s just say we aren’t going to try sleep training again for another week or two.
  • Like I said earlier, she’s rolling all over the place. One second she’s on the blanket in the living room and the next she’s in the hallway. I either need to start containing her in her pack n play or just embrace this new workout of having to pick her up and put her back on her blanket.
  • My parents have a walker at their house and Lucy has gotten really good at walking around in it. She loves it!

What’s new in Lucy’s world :

  • She celebrated her first Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to spoiler her with a beautiful display of chocolate milk, cupcakes and other sweets for breakfast. Just like my mom did with my sister and I every Valentine’s Day morning.
  • We moved from sink baths to baths in the tub.
  • We’ve got a babysitting schedule set up with my mom, so she’s been getting to spend a lot more time with Grandma, which I think she really loves.

(her growling)

(her fake laughing)