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Lucy is 7 Months Old!

Lucy turned 7 months old on Thursday! Her personality is really starting to shine and I have to say she is already the most ornery little lady I know. We’re going to have our hands full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is SO much fun right now!

This month I’ve really enjoyed watching her explore herself (she loves her toes and hair) and playing with our dog, Daisy. She lights up every time Daisy gives her an ounce of attention. It’s too stinkin’ cute.

If you missed last month’s update, you can catch up here.

Lucy loves:

  • Grabbing and chewing on her little toes.
  • Being tickled. Strangely, her thighs are super ticklish!
  • Sitting in her new IKEA high chair while we eat dinner.
  • When we stand and bounce her. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets her to fall asleep.
  • Growling, yelling, making fart sounds with her mouth. Basically she just likes to be loud and heard! It’s especially embarrassing when she’s making fart sounds while we’re at the store and I get weird looks from people who think it’s me. 
  • Strawberries! We just tried them and she loved them.
  • Chewing her bottom lip, like the old lady Beatrice she is.
  • She just started doing this head tilt thing. I think she may be exploring the way things look when you view them in a new way!
  • Pulling her hair. I know, it’s weird. But she just started playing/pulling her hair when she eats a bottle. I think it’s partially her exploring herself and partially self soothing.
  • Cell phones. It’s really hard to ever check your phone while holding her anymore. That’s why my Instagram stories are always videos of her trying to make out with my phone!


  • Hooray! She can finally roll back to belly.
  • We’ve started baby led weaning. We still aren’t sure about it yet, but it’s been a fun adventure.
  • She can now drink up to 2 ounces of water a day and has been exploring the sippy cup.
  • She can sit unassisted. I still like being close by or surrounding her by pillows because sometimes she likes to stretch back and fall.
  • I think she’s slowly growing out of her colickiness. We’ve been having more and more good days (aka less fussy days).
  • She figured out how to cry LOUD and HARD. Like so much so that her face turns red, her eyes get puffy and it takes just about everything to calm her down. This has happened about 3-4 times this month and I think it’s because she’s getting overtired. Probably because she enjoys fighting sleep for some reason. Babies are weird.
  • She definitely knows her name now and will usually give us a quick head whip when we call for her.
  • She belly laughs! And it’s the best sound ever!
  • I haven’t weighed her recently, but I measured her and she’s 28.5 inches long. She’s a tall baby!

What’s new in Lucy’s world:

  • She’s been to Costco and sat in the cart for the first time. Pretty sure she had a good time there. Who doesn’t love Costco?
  • She’s gained a new best friend, which happens to be our dog, Daisy. Kisses and sniffles from Daisy instantly make Lucy light up with screeches and giggles.
  • She now has dreams and unfortunately nightmares, too. I’m sure she’s been dreaming for awhile, but now she’ll often smile or giggle in her sleep and occasionally wake up crying hysterically due to a nightmare.