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Lucy is 6 Months Old!

Lucy Bea turned 6 months old (aka a HALF YEAR OLD – omg!) yesterday! We’ve had such a magical month getting to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three. And due to a dreadful cold, we were able to ring in the New Year all together as we rocked an awoken and fussy Lucy back to sleep. Though she’s been sick, she’s still been in good spirits.

This month I’ve really enjoyed watching her get to spend time with family and love, love, love how she smiles almost instantly when someone interacts with her. She adores people…and attention! 😉

If you remember last month’s update, then you’ll know that Lucy was having some trouble with constipation and fighting her feeds. We did end up going to the doctor after she had a bloody stool. We’ve ended up changing her formula twice, giving her pear juice and a probiotic daily, keeping her on Zantac and often needing to give her milk of magnesia. I know, it’s a lot. And she’s still not fully better, which means Austin and I aren’t satisfied either. We want more answers as to what is going on with her and what we can to do help her. Her next doctor’s appointment is next week, so hopefully we can get some more answers then. I do think transitioning her to solid foods will help, but she still hasn’t shown much interest in them. I’m thinking she may be a good fit for baby led weaning, so we might give that a try in the near future. More updates soon!

Alright, let’s get into the fun part…

Lucy loves:

  • The sounds of water/liquid. We recently noticed that when we shake her bottle or even a water bottle, she stops whatever she’s doing and is mesmerized by the sound.
  • Her jumperoo. She loves jumping in that thing more and more every day.
  • Sooo many of her new toys from Christmas, especially her teething toys and puppy dog that sings. She is so incredibly loved by her grandparents!
  • When you play with or smell her feet. Something about telling this girl that her toes are smelly just makes her giggle and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • She’s really been into exploring on her own. So, when I put her on the floor and allow her room to stretch and explore her toys with her own hands, I can totally see her little brain working and I love it.


  • She’s moved on up to her 6-9 month clothes. I think she may be going through a growth spurt because she was only in 3-6 month clothes for maaaaybe a month and a half.
  • She’s still trying out solids. She’s had sweet potatoes, oatmeal and peas so far.
  • Not really a milestone, but I thought she was cutting her first tooth, then discovered it was probably an epstein pearl. Never even heard of these until recently!
  • Speaking of teething, she’s still a drool bucket. We’re having to change her 2-3 times a day and she’s going through 3-4 bibs a day.
  • You know how last month she rolled over tummy to back, well she hasn’t since. I know she can, but doesn’t seem too interested in it. Buuut I think she’s close to rolling back to tummy. She loves rolling onto her side to watch TV or look at someone while having floor time.
  • She’s been talking more than ever this month. And she loves to talk loud. Again, I’m pretty sure she loves all the attention to be on her.
  • Last month she lost a bunch of hair, but this month it’s growing back – YAY! It’s filling out again where she lost it and continuing to get thicker and longer on the top. So much so that I began Pinteresting baby hair styles. I know, I’ve become that mom. But I can’t wait to put it into little piggies!
  • She celebrated her first Christmas and New Years Eve! To see more from our first family Christmas, click here.

P.S. Isn’t it amazing how much a snowy and sunny day can up your natural lighting game?