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Lucy is 5 Months Old!

Lucy turned 5 months old on Friday! If you can’t tell from the above photo, we’ve had a rough month. We believe Lucy’s had issues with constipation and her tummy hurting almost since day 1. But we never really started noticing until around 1-2 months. We’ve been trying many different solutions, but still haven’t found one that’s working well for her. We’ll likely be making another doctor’s visit in our near future.

Even though it’s been such a difficult month for us all, we’re still smiling and laughing between all the tears. I couldn’t be happier to be this little one’s mom.

And 5 month!? All I can think about is how she’ll be a HALF YEAR old next month. Wow.

It’s been a big month, so get ready to read lots of updates!

Lucy loves:

  • She still loves watching TV. Instead of always watching Mommy’s shows or Daddy’s football, I’ve been letting her watch things like Dora the Explorer and nursery rhyme videos on YouTube.
  • She loves being sung Christmas music. Particularly Silent Night. I sung this song to her last Christmas when she was in my belly. I like to think that’s why it’s still soothing for her. It almost always calms her down if she’s fussy.
  • She loves her new jumperoo! I don’t know how such a small human can have so much energy.
  • She loves our dog, Daisy. She just started really noticing her. Watching her, smiling at her and reaching out for her when she’s close.
  • She loves looking at herself in the mirror. Almost always she’ll light up with a big smile.
  • She loves her family. She definitely recognizes Austin and I and has for awhile, but recently I can tell she’s remembering her grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. She let’s you know she remembers you and loves you by giving you a great big smile as soon as she sees you.
  • She loves when Daddy comes home from work. She’s been screeching almost as soon as he walks in the door. It’s so dang adorable.


  • She’s officially in her crib! She’s been sleeping in there every night for about 3 weeks now. The transition was much easier than I anticipated.
  • Speaking of sleep, we’ve really been working on getting her on a more set schedule. Before we just kind of hoped she’d fall asleep between 8-10p. But since moving her to her crib, we’ve made more of an effort. Around 7:30p we start getting her prepped for bedtime. We warm up a bottle, change her into PJs, sometimes read a book. And then we turn off all the lights and keep things extra quiet while she eats a 7-8oz bottle. And our goal is to get her asleep in her crib between 8:30-9p. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, it’s usually around 4-5a. She’ll eat a little and then go back to sleep until 7-8a. This morning she woke up at 5a and instead of feeding her, I tried to let her cry/whine for a bit. She fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until 7a! I think our next thing to work on will be not feeding her in the middle of the night and trying to let her soothe herself back to sleep.
  • She’s still in 6 month clothes, but is beginning to fit into some 9 month things.
  • She is now in the 50th percentile for her weight and height! And if she were born on her actual due date, she would be in the 75th percentile. I always said I wouldn’t be that mom that cared much about percentiles, but now that I am one, this stuff is so exciting to me. I always look forward to hearing where she’s at on the charts when we go to her doctor’s appointments. My guess is she weighs about 15 lbs now and is around 25 inches long.
  • Because she’s caught up on weight, we were able to take her off her premature formula and start her on regular formula. We had been looking forward to this day for so long!
  • Not only has she switched to a regular formula, but she’s also now eating solids! We just tried sweet potatoes this week. I think we may try oatmeal with prunes in it next. Hoping it will help her tummy.
  • Pretty sure she’s started her teething journey. I don’t think she’s cutting teeth yet, but she’s drooling more than ever, chewing on her hands plenty, sticking toys in her mouth and it might also be adding to her fussiness.
  • She’s rolled over! In fact, when she did it, she made it look so easy. My guess is, she’s been capable of doing it for awhile, she just doesn’t care to. She’s still only done it like 2 times. But it’s great to know that she can in fact roll over tummy to back!
  • She’s starting to lose a lot of hair. Waaahh. I freaked out when I noticed ton in her crib. I thought it was somehow dog hair and felt irritated about it. Then realized it was hers and wanted to cry. It is growing longer and thicker on top, but she’s got plenty of bald spots on the back and sides.
  • She celebrated her first Thanksgiving and decorated her first Christmas tree! To see more of Lucy and our tree, click here.