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Lucy is 3 Months Old!

Lucy turned 3 months old yesterday! I feel like I’ve been looking forward to the day she turns 3 months old. For a few reasons… 1. I imagined she would be more interactive at this age – smiling more and reacting more to our voices. I was right! And 2. This is officially the beginning of “holiday” season. We have lots of fun fall activities planned this month and Christmas is right around the corner!

(I love how she’s looking at her Daddy here)

Lucy loves:

  • She still loves blowing raspberries.
  • Being sung and danced to – it makes her smile!
  • Being carried frontward so she can look all around.
  • Going to new places. We recently went to the fair and a craft show and she LOVED being somewhere new and fun with lots to look at.


  • She has been talking a lot more. We say hi to her a lot and she often makes a noise that sounds like she’s saying hi back. So stinkin’ cute.
  • Dare I say she’s already starting to grow out of her 0-3 month clothes? She still fits into most of them, but she’s been able to wear some 3-6 month things, as well.
  • She’s almost got the whole holding her head up thing down. She’s still a little wobbly and she will occasionally head-butt me, but she’s gotten sooo much better.
  • Not really a milestone, but we thiiiink she may be turning into a redhead. She’s gone from Mommy’s dark brown hair to a lighter, reddish brown. You can especially see it in her eyebrows.

These aren’t the greatest pics. She was uhh.. a little more than wiggly, which makes keeping focus difficult. I have a feeling taking these pictures is going to get harder and harder every month. But I love doing these little shoots with her!