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Our First Family Portraits

For weeks now I have been wanting to take family photos. I spent days planning out our outfits and patiently waited for the perfect day. I envisioned golden hour and so, so many colors on the trees as we are in the middle of one of my favorite times of year. But it didn’t go exactly as planned…

First off, we were running late. If you’re a soon-to-be mom, you should know that no matter how hard you try, you’ll always be running late. That being said, we pretty much missed the sunset. We had about 20 minutes of sunlight and it was too low to get that golden hour effect I was hoping for. Also, 20 minutes is not long enough to take your own family photos! Secondly, I should have scouted the location prior, because the leaves had not turned yet and Austin’s green shirt kinda blended in with the background. Whoops. Lastly, our smiley Lucy was not so smiley. She wasn’t necessarily fussy (thank goodness), but she just wasn’t in the mood to smile. We’d took turns dancing, singing and shouting to try and get her attention and make her smile, but she only smiled once. And of course it was during a photo with her dad. Go figure.

At first I was frustrated and disappointed. I was mostly mad at myself for being late and not planning better. But then as time went on, and I started scrolling through our photos, I thought, “these aren’t terrible for our first family photos”. Austin kept trying to make me feel better and said we can go out again on another day and get more shots, but I think I’ll leave it as is. This is us, as we are. With a daughter who continuously does what she wants, when she wants. A frantic mama who is always trying to have a picture perfect family, but at the end of the day falls in love with her family just as it is. And a dad who’s so easy going and keeps us both happy and grounded.