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Saying Goodbye to My Childhood Home

17 years ago, my mom let me throw a Halloween party. We had recently moved to a new house and I had began going to a new school. She thought it might be a good way for me to make new friends.

My mom goes all out for parties. Always has and probably always will. Her and my dad made graveyards, zombie brides and set up a tent where my cousin played a fortune teller. It was my first real memory at this house. And holy crap, was it an awesome one. I remember running around that yard having the time of my life. All the worries of being the new kid disappeared. Life was simply good.

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Things People Don’t Tell You About Childbirth

The scariest part of childbirth for me was the unknown. It was something I’ve never experienced before and was likely going to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. So, what did I do? I researched, researched, researched. I spoke with mama friends, asked lots of questions in multiple mom/pregnancy groups on Facebook, Googled plenty, closely read all the pregnancy apps and never was shy with questions with my doctors. Thing is though, when you’ve never been through it, it can be difficult to know what to ask. So, you’re often depending on those who’ve been through it to let you know what to expect. But I found that quite a few things were left out and I’m going to share them with you, because I wish someone had shared them with me.

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Raising a Feminist: Part 1

All throughout my pregnancy…heck, even way before I was ever pregnant, I always knew I wanted to do my best to raise a feminist. Whether I had a girl or a boy, I wanted them to know that we’re all equal and deserve to be treated as so.

I had many late nights where I thought about how I would go about raising a feminist and I never really came to a conclusion. I don’t have all the right answers. I’m simply a new mom who’s just trying to do her best every day to raise my daughter to believe she is capable of doing anything and being anyone. Whether it be pink or blue, leggos or dolls, cheerleading or football, nurse or astronaut, and anything in between or all of the above. She can do it and I don’t want her to let anyone or anything stand in her way.

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