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Lucy is 3 Months Old!

Lucy turned 3 months old yesterday! I feel like I’ve been looking forward to the day she turns 3 months old. For a few reasons… 1. I imagined she would be more interactive at this age – smiling more and reacting more to our voices. I was right! And 2. This is officially the beginning of “holiday” season. We have lots of fun fall activities planned this month and Christmas is right around the corner!

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September Mom Fails

As moms, we’re often ashamed of when we fail and embarrassed to share our mistakes with anyone. I get it. Trust me, I hate for anyone to know of the times where I felt I was a bad mom. But I also really appreciate when other moms share their stories of failure. It’s comforting and makes me feel as if I’m not alone. And hey, if we aren’t worried about making mistakes, then we’re probably doing this whole parenting thing wrong. So, here I am, sharing – and embracing – some of my September mom fails!

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Raising a Feminist: Part 1

All throughout my pregnancy…heck, even way before I was ever pregnant, I always knew I wanted to do my best to raise a feminist. Whether I had a girl or a boy, I wanted them to know that we’re all equal and deserve to be treated as so.

I had many late nights where I thought about how I would go about raising a feminist and I never really came to a conclusion. I don’t have all the right answers. I’m simply a new mom who’s just trying to do her best every day to raise my daughter to believe she is capable of doing anything and being anyone. Whether it be pink or blue, leggos or dolls, cheerleading or football, nurse or astronaut, and anything in between or all of the above. She can do it and I don’t want her to let anyone or anything stand in her way.

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Lucy is 2 Months Old!

And just like that, Lucy is 2 months old! She’s constantly growing and looking older, but I’ve especially noticed it during the last couple weeks. Her legs are getting chunkier and she’s getting much, much longer! Here’s some fun photos and updates on our sweet girl.

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7 Interesting Facts Behind Lucy’s Name

The other day I spent a solid 45 minutes writing up a whole story on why we chose the name we did for Lucy. Afterwards, I thought, this is probably such a boring story. Soo, I thought sharing 7 interesting facts/reasons behind choosing Lucy’s name would be much more fun.

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