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Merry Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas when you have a little one instantly makes things more magical. And I know next year will be even better! We had such a special time this holiday season and we decided to pick up the camera and vlog as much of it as we could. From looking at lights to unwrapping on Christmas morning, we hope you enjoy getting a peek into our best Christmas yet as we celebrate Lucy’s first Christmas!

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Our Favorite Christmas Gift

I was 8 weeks pregnant with Lucy last Christmas and it made for our best Christmas yet. This year, Lucy is here earthside and full of spunk and so much personality. She’ll be our favorite gift this Christmas and for many more to come. 🙂

To see our first memories of decorating the tree together, check out our vlog here.

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Lucy’s Halloween Costume – An Old Lady

I had zero intentions on dressing up Lucy this year, but when I started seeing babies dressed as old ladies and men popping up everywhere online (Pinterest is awesome), I just couldn’t resist! I mean, she’s only this little once. And this is her first Halloween. So, I convinced myself she needed to dress up.

I spent Saturday afternoon shopping for the few pieces I needed – Mardi Gras beads, baby sunglasses and white pom pom balls. And by Saturday evening, her costume was complete. Easy peasy and so dang cute.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I had such an incredible Mother’s Day today. I had no intentions on being celebrated this year as a mother, but was blown away by the love I received from Austin, my family and even friends. Not only did I enjoy being loved on, but I especially enjoyed reminding my Mom and Grandma just how special they are to me. They’ve provided me with such a perfect example of what kind of mother I should be to Baby C. I am so, so lucky to have them both in my life. Not to mention, I feel triple lucky since gaining my amazing Mother-In-Law nearly two years ago.

Ah so many incredible women in my life to look up to and have guide me into being the mother I dream to be! I truly cannot wait for our baby girl to get to experience their love.

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