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7 Interesting Facts Behind Lucy’s Name

The other day I spent a solid 45 minutes writing up a whole story on why we chose the name we did for Lucy. Afterwards, I thought, this is probably such a boring story. Soo, I thought sharing 7 interesting facts/reasons behind choosing Lucy’s name would be much more fun.

  1. Lucy means light. Which as a photographer and lover of light, I adore this meaning.
  2. While yes, we love the meaning of Lucy’s name, she is actually named after Lucille Ball.
  3. Speaking of Lucille Ball, after deciding on Lucy’s name, we found out Lucille Ball’s birthday was actually Lucy’s due date, August 6th.
  4. We seriously considered naming her Gemma. So much so that if we have another girl, that will probably be her name.
  5. I love old fashion names, which made me love Lucy even more. I’m also a fan of Eleanor, Harriet and Blythe.
  6. Lucy Beatrice was almost Lucy Juniper. After Lucy was born, we decided on Beatrice as a compromise to my favorite middle name, Beatrix, and Austin’s favorite middle name, Bea.
  7. Beatrice means she who brings happiness. We like to think of Lucy as bringing us light and happiness.

What are some of your favorite baby names? I’m a name lover so I’d love to hear. Be sure to share some of your favorites with me on Instagram.

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