Honey Bee 1st Birthday Party

I had no idea my heart could feel so full of love and happiness while at the same time feel like it’s breaking a little bit. How is my baby ONE!? If you missed it, Lucy turned 1 on July 1st and you can find her final 12 month update here.

On her actual birthday, she decided to take TWO naps, which never happens! So, we took it easy. We visited her grandparents and spent some sweet family time at home. Watch our day together and see an emotional flash back to the day Lucy was born in our vlog here.

But a week later, it was time to celebrate and have the real fun! Our family gathered together at a beautiful local park here in Delaware and we ate well, watched Lucy in amazement, sang happy birthday, had a few laughs, and gave her as many hugs and kisses as we could. I recruited my sister to birthday party photographer and the vlog camera was passed around quite a bit. We went with a honey bee theme, which made the day feel particularly special as the birthday girl will always be our little Lucy Bea.

Of course, it didn’t all go according to plan. It was windy, we ran out of forks, not all the decor was used, Lucy was tired and cranky, and Austin had to go back home because he forgot the most important part – the CAKE. But that’s life when you have a spunky little one! We still are so happy to have had our families come to celebrate our girl and she even got to meet some family for the first time. So, thank you to all who made this day so special!!

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Lucy’s Cupcake Smash Photo Shoot

Warning, I may overdue it with the birthday shenanigans on the blog this week. When big life events happen around here, I document like crazy. But a baby eating a cupcake, who wouldn’t want to see that, right?

If you missed it, yesterday was Lucy’s 1st birthday – you can see her 1 year update here – and she decided to take TWO 2 hour naps, which is completely unlike her. Like I can’t remember the last time that happened. Plus it was scorching hot, so the only fun we had was watching her eat a cupcake for the first time.

We’ll just have to continue the birthday fun later this week with a trip to the pool and on Sunday when we celebrate with family and loved ones.

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Lucy is 1!

Lucy Bea is 1! We can hardly believe it. Yes, this year has flown by and it feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital patiently waiting for her arrival. But also, it’s been one of the longest and toughest years of our lives. Adjusting to a family of 3 hasn’t always been easy, but my goodness, nothing makes me happier than seeing her smile. Life is just better with Lucy in it. Even on the days where she seems impossible.

Okay, I’m going to keep this post pretty to the point (and try not to cry) –– lots more cute birthday photos will be coming very soon!

If you missed last month’s update, you can catch up on it here. And if you want to see all the monthly photos, go ahead and scroll to the end of this post. It’s my favorite part. 😉

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Lucy is 11 Months Old!

12 days late, but that’s okay! Lucy turned 11 months old June 1st. It’s been an exciting month full of new milestones, Mother’s Day celebrations, dipping our toes in the pool, planning a first birthday party, and even more trips to the zoo.

If you missed last month’s update, you can catch up on it here.

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Raising a Feminist Part 2 : My Daughter was Called a Boy

A few weeks ago, Lucy got mistaken for a boy, but that didn’t bother me. It was the comment that went along with the pronoun “he” that made me want to shake my head.

The three of us were out to eat for lunch. If you’re a parent, then I’m sure you know that when you take a baby to a restaurant you get plenty of stares and a person or two that say “oh, they’re so cute!” Well, on this particular lunch date, Lucy was wearing a shirt from Old Navy that had the planets on it. Along with a pair of gray sweat pants. As you may remember from my last RAF post, we enjoy dressing her in a variety of clothes and colors and we shop in both the girl and boy section. Because her outfit wasn’t covered in pink or because she wasn’t wearing a bow, I feel most people assumed she was a boy.

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